Selection from the series Small Goals, 2015
Acrylic, graphite and colored pencil on thermo-sensitive polystyrene
17 x 23mm


Deep Blue Dream at Theatre de l'Usine
Geneva, CH, 15-16 April, 2016.
With Lauren Huret


In an elliptical shield of waste and supremacy, they map all territories,(pause) all domains.
at Galerie der HFBK
, Hamburg, DE
with Fritz Laszlo Weber

us at Swimming Pool Projects
Sofia, Bulgaria. 7-15 November, with PEACH

Super in Posistion, November Complex
Viewed from the 18th floor of Hoofplien 20, Rotterdam, NL

U(r) at Peach
Rotterdam, NL / Oud Charlois

No Dreams, No Logic at Home-work
Geneva, CH

November Second - The first of a series of exhibitions held in various outdoor locations in Rotterdam, NL.

Zig Zag Devil at Pracownia Portretu
Łódź, Poland, 2014. With Lauren Huret

2nd 2nd World War at Sinstruct Festival,
Mussolini's Gampen Pass Bunker, Unsere Liebe Frau im Wald, Süd Tirol, Italy, 2014.
With Christian Hansen

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Kunstfenster für Aktuelle Kunst
Kassel, Germany

Plasticity Querey, 2014
Performance with video
3 minutes

Caffiers, France ca. 400 Million BCE, 2015
Graphite on thermo-sensitive polystyrene
23 x 16 mm