Elizabeth Philpot V, 2020
Belemnite fossil (extinct squid-like
species), LED, concrete, magnetite sand
52 x 115 x 38 mm  

Biogenesis (Indirect Art), 2020
Colored pencil and graphite on
thermo-sensitive polystyrene on purpurite
37 x 50 x 17 mm

Exhumed, 2019
Fossil plants, re-used plexiglas, LEDs, copper, epoxy clay
2 panels: 49 x 67 cm
Installation veiws, Musée cantonal de géologie, Lausanne, Switzerland

[Audio tour chapter 7]

Listen to the audio tour Chamber of Displacement written and recorded for, Futures Incertains at Musée cantonal de géologie, Lausanne (in French and English).

Installation views: Morphic Memory, 2017, LambdaLambdaLambda
Pristina, Kosovo

Network<>Impermanence, 2017
Proterozoic (550 million to 2.5 billion year old) seascape: graphite on thermo-sensitive polystyrene (yogurt container) on fossilized coral
27 x 82 x 53 mm

Vampyroteuthis Infernalis, 2017
Graphite on thermo-sensitive polystyrene on fossilized squid
13 x 16 x 56 mm

Elizabeth Philpot I, 2019
Belemnite fossile (extinct squid-like species), LED, concrete
70 x 40 x 42 mm  

Back Then by Tomorrow, 2019
Werkhalle, Cologne, DE
Further documentation: KubaParis

Of the Tethyan Realm, 2019
Colored pencil on thermo-sensitive polystyrene, nontronite, epoxy clay
42 x 24 x 30 mm

Her Ancient and Enduring Energies Rising, 2017
300 million year old fern pinnule: graphite on thermo-sensitive polystyrene and smart chip on chrysocolla: formed in the oxidation zones of copper ore bodies
38 x 44 x 48 mm

Interferotics, 2019
Video loop, projector, solar cell, copper, hag stone, audio mixer, speakers
Dimensions variable

Interferotics, 2016
405 nM laser, front-surface mirrors, solar cell, audio cable, audio mixer, speakers
Dimensions variable 

O U R O B O R O S, 2017
Collaborative performance with
Alice Peragine
2025 Hamburg, Germany

Clam Hole Hag Stone Portal, 2019
Projectors, computer, custom software, solar panels, amplifier, speakers, hag stones and various minerals. Performance at No Moon, Brooklyn, NY

Further documentation: Ofluxo, Tzvetnik

Prototype Terminal, 2017
A provisional installation at Achterhaus Residency, Hamburg, Germany


Plasticity Query, 2014
Performance with video
3 minutes


Caffiers, France ca. 400
Million BCE
, 2015
Graphite on thermo-sensitive polystyrene
23 x 16 mm

Selection from the series
Small Goals
, 2015
Acrylic, graphite and colored pencil on thermo-sensitive polystyrene
17 x 23 mm

The collision of our brane with a parallel one, 2015
Colored pencil and graphite on thermo-sensitive polystyrene
23 x 16 mm

Deep Blue Dream, 2016
screen capture

Genetic metalepsis and the four codes of mineral difference, 2016
Discussion between Nan Hill, Brian Longe, Hunter Longe and a song with Dashiell Longe.
More documentation of the show

Genetic Metalepsis, 2016
Memory metal (nitinol) and projection
20 x 16 x 10 cm

Imperative to Condense, 2015
Stones, laser-cut acrylic sheeting, mounting hardware
137 x 120 x 13 cm

Branes, 2016
scalable vectors

Time Management, 2017
Dynamic Excel spreadsheet, projector, LCD screen, computer
Dimensions veriable

Time Management, 2017
300 million year old (Carboniferous) forest: graphite on thermo-sensitive polystyrene (yogurt container) on rhyolite with garnet: formed at high temperature and pressure.
22 x 54 x 35 mm

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